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This image is a product image of SRM Gold Pure Coconut Oil

100% Pure and Natural

Coconut Oil

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Types of Coconut Oil We Make

With our existing production unit, we can make pure roasted coconut oil and pure virgin coconut oil from matured copra. Together we can handle a total volume of around 200 Tonnes. 

Roasted Coconut Oil

Pure Roasted Coconut oil is one of the most sought variant of the coconut oil in the Indian Market. The method of manufacturing the pure roasted coconut oil has been already mentioned in the manufacturing process page. We specialize in making pure roasted coconut oil with less than 0.2 FFA (FREE FATTY ACID VALUE). We deal with 0.5 FFA pure roasted coconut oil also.

Virgin Coconut Oil

100% Pure Indian Virgin Coconut Oil with FFA value of 0.1 is possible in our facility. This Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) extracted from first grade matured copra has similar properties like cold pressed coconut oil and virgin coconut oil extracted using centrifugal or wet process. The manufacturing process is same as roasted coconut oil but only the process of roasting is eliminated. This virgin coconut oil is parameter wise same and cheaper when compared with virgin coconut oil extracted using the centrifugal process. It is rich in Lauric acids. Here is a test report from SGS Labs with Fatty Acid Profiles.

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