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Coconut Oil

Adulteration in coconut oil. Are you a victim?

Adulteration in coconut oil

In this busy world, people always pay lot of attention while choosing high value products, clothing etc... But they do not bother much on the things which plays an important role in their day to day life. They have the habit of picking whatever is available on the go. Everyone of us is least bothered about its contents. By doing adulteration, many manufacturers are selling their products even lesser than the cost of raw material.

Do anyone of us had thought how it is possible to give products cheaper than raw material price. To make the statement more clear, let us assume that commodity X price is Rs.100 per kg. If 1.2 kg of Commodity X gives 1 Kg of Product Y, then the price of should the product should be grater than Rs.120. But how some manufacturers are able to provide the product Y for Rs.90 including manufacturing, marketing and logistics expenses. Its time to think.

We are indirectly buying costlier health issues. Don't we? Adulteration happens in many products but predominantly in edible oils. But here we want to make you aware of coconut oil market.

In order to become successful in the market, it is important to satisfy the consumer by quality and purity. But in coconut oil market, Retailers are gatekeepers to reach the consumer. Their needs are different. Consumer needs quality at affordable price and retailer needs margin. Both are needs cannot be satisfied simultaneously by ethical ways. Some brands found that adulteration is the way to satisfy both the needs.

Even well known brand from Kerala had started its blended coconut oil product line. Blended oils will be made of mixing two oils in proportions to bring down the price. Few months back, food safety department of Kerala had banned 14 brands of coconut oil as they found adulterated.

Here are the some of the oils used for adulterating found from the market.

1. Palm Kernel Oil

2. Refined Coconut Oil

3.Second Grade Oil

4.Engine Oil

5.Paraffin etc...

Some of theses substances can cause serious health injuries. Without knowing things, many people are consuming that for long time.

There is a simple test you can do in you home. The pure coconut oil solidifies below 22 degree Celsius. It will become complete solid. But adulterated oil oils won't solidify. This is the reason why coconut oil does not flow out of the bottle during winter. If your coconut oil is adulterated in 20:80 proportion, only that 20% of solid will get solidified.


Where to find pure coconut oil?

There are few brands like us who are genuine in their business. They manufacture 100% pure and natural coconut oil. You can find some of them in your market too. Many good brands are not able to reach the consumer because of two reasons: one is that we are not able get into shelves of retailers by fulfilling their needs. 2. Second is that we do not have huge cash flow to invest in branding and advertising.

Please do not conclude that we are saying that all the brands are adulterated. There are many pure brands too. The intention of the article is to make you stay away from those adulterated ones.

We SRM Gold Pure Coconut Oil offer you 100% Pure and Natural Coconut Oil with free delivery. Our Coconut Oil is as pure as your heart. You can try it once to get the flavor of pure coconut oil. We can proudly say that our coconut oil is much better than home made coconut oil because of our selection of superior raw materials. Click here to buy it online. Try our coconut oil once. Price is same as retailer price including tax and delivery.

Comment your opinions and views. Share it your friends if you really care them.

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